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Limassol (Lemesos) is the largest coastal city in Cyprus. It attracts many visitors each year, who come to discover its beautiful beaches that offer numerous water activities such as scuba diving, jet-skiing, paragliding, etc. Moreover, the city also has historical and archaeological sites to visit.

Limassol Zoo

The zoo is located on the coastal road of Limassol and is the only zoo in Cyprus. It accommodates over 300 animals, including lions, tigers, bears, panthers, zebras, monkeys, ostriches, peacocks, vultures, emu, falcons, macaws, etc. Limassol zoo also features a natural history museum and an educational centre, frequently showcases films on wildlife and nature.

The Limassol District Archaeological Museum - visit the exhibition page

Cyprus Mediaeval Museum – Limassol Castle - visit the exhibition page

Attractions near Limassol

Amathus Archaeological Site

This historical site is 11km (6.5miles) away from Limassol and has played a significant role in the history of Cyprus. Amathus site includes the ruins of the Temple of Aphrodite and the Tombs dating back to the early Iron Age period of Graeco-Phoenician. Visitors can perceive an era that existed 3000 years ago through the mythical excavations and artefacts.

Kolossi Castle

This well admired 15th century castle is situated in Kolossi village, 14km (9miles) west of Limassol in the south of Cyprus. There have been indications that the castle we see today has been built on the site of an earlier castle from the 13th century. The surrounding land around Kolossi castle played an important role in the past. It had been highly cultivated with sugarcane and vineyards, from which the famous Cypriot wine Commandaria was produced. The name 'Commandaria' originates from the headquarters of Kolossi – the 'Grand Commanderie'.


Kourion is located 13km (8.5miles) west of Limassol in the small town of Episkopi and is one of the most famous ancient attractions. It was a major ancient city of the Kingdom of Cyprus. Furthermore, Kourion hosts musical and theatrical events in its magnificent Greco-Roman amphitheatre that was initially built in the second century BC.

The site overlooks the beautiful Mediterranean Sea complimenting surrounding monuments which mostly date from the Roman period. These include the Forum, the Nymphaeum, the Fountain House, the House of the Gladiators, the House of Achilles and the Public Baths. Kourion is a major paragliding site from which you can fly almost throughout the year.

Beaches in Limassol

The city of Limassol has the longest coastline of all the cities and beach resorts in Cyprus. The city offers over 30 beaches, and some of them have a Blue Flag.

Featured below are some of the most popular tourist beaches in Limassol

Ladies' Mile (Lady's Mile)

This is a superb beach with grainy white sand and shallow clear water. It is located near the New Limassol port and can be reached in 15mins from Limassol's town centre. It is one of the safest beaches for children, and the facilities for windsurfing are assured. It is a perfect place to enjoy a swim, sunbathe or a peaceful walk along the sandy beach.

Governor's Beach (- Blue Flag beach)

Located about 10km from Limassol, this beach is not as crowded as others and is located midway between Larnaca and Limassol. Governor's beach has a sandy coastline and shallow clear water with a rocky area beneath the shore, ideal for snorkelling and fishing. It is a relaxing beach where you can witness a beautiful sunrise and enjoy a meal in a typical Greek Cypriot Taverna just a few metres away from the beach.

Kourion Beach

Kourion beach is one of the most spectacular beaches in Episkopi Bay, 17km (4.5miles) from Limassol District. The Ancient Roman Kourion Amphitheatre ruins are just next to the beach on a high mountain, a popular spot for hand-gliders. It is also famous for sailing and windsurfing.

Pissouri Beach (- Blue Flag beach)

Located 30km (18.5miles) west of Limassol, the beach is situated midway between Limassol and Paphos. It is clean with warm water and is safe for swimming and other water sports activities. This beautiful beach with golden sand and colourful pebbles is ideal for swimming, skiing, surfing and paragliding. The area surrounding the beach is peaceful since the beach doesn't get overcrowded.

Zapalo Beach

Zapalo Beach, also known as Trypiti is located in Episkopi bay of Limassol district. This 800 metres long beach with fine brown sand, clear blue water is the most spectacular beach in Limassol.