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The Limassol District Archaeological Museum

One of the most visited museums in Limassol (Lemesos), which was founded in 1948 and exhibits some very interesting artefacts, dating from the Neolithic Age to the Roman Period. There are three main rooms in the museum which contain a number of objects which portray Cyprus' history. The first room exhibits tools and pottery from 3000 B.C. to 1300 A.D, from archaeological sites such as Amathus and Kourion, as well as other areas in Limassol. The second room exhibits jewelry and sculptures from 1700 B.C. It also holds Roman coins and even early razor blades. The third room exhibits some of the most significant findings which are mostly from the ancient site of Amathus and includes the statue of Artemis, along with other remains depicting ancient icons.

Address: Vyronos 5, Limassol, Cyprus

Limassol Castle – Cyprus Mediaeval Museum

Limassol's castle, which houses the Cyprus' Medieval Museum, was built in the 14th Century on the site of an earlier Byzantine castle. The ground floor contains armorial bearings, tombstones and paintings, which came from Nicosia and the church of Pygra. The second floor holds pottery, jewelry and more importantly, displays a full suit of amour and weaponry. The floor above leads to the battlements and from the raised square at the very top of the castle, some scenic views of Limassol can be enjoyed. Furthermore, images of Cypriot Byzantine churches and models of sculptures from the Santa Sophia cathedral in occupied Nicosia are displayed in the basement of the Cyprus Medieval Museum.

Address: Near the Old Port, Limassol Castle, Cyprus

The Museum of Natural History

The museum exhibits stuffed animals, birds and reptiles. It is an educational centre that offers lectures on the relevant subjects. The museum also provides the opportunity to watch films on wild life and nature. This museum is located inside the Limassol Zoo

Address: P.O. Box 12586, 2251 Nicosia

Old Port Sea Sponges Exhibition Centre

The best place on the island for those people, who are interested in sea sponges. This small but fascinating exhibition center located in the old port area of Limassol offers a wide collection of sea sponges and some of them are available on sale.

Address: Agias Theklis 3 3042 Limassol, Cyprus

The Wine Museum

It is said that Cyprus has a history of over 5,000 years of making exquisite wine. Cyprus is one of the first wine producing countries that has retained its own wine making process. Therefore, the Wine Museum is worth visiting in Limassol. It is situated on the old Limassol - Paphos road and can be easily reached by bus from Limassol's central marketplace.

Address: 42 Paphou Street, CY-4630 Erimi, Limassol, Cyprus

The Folk Art Museum

This is the ideal place to discover the last two centuries of Cyprus' folk art. The museum has been well preserved and it offers very interesting artefacts that depicts the whole story of folk art in Limassol and the rest of Cyprus. Established in 1985, with six rooms containing an average of 500 objects, the museum houses some of the most remarkable hand-made exhibits, including tapestry, embroidery, wooden chests, waistcoats, men's jackets, necklaces, a variety of light clothes, country tools, national and traditional costumes. Due to its excellent preservation and superb portrayal of Cypriot heritage, in 1989, it won the Europa Nostra Award.

Address: 253 Ayios Andreas Street Limassol, Cyprus

Sculpture Park

The Park, located by the sea-front, features a series of public sculptures created during three international events from 1999 to 2001. The sculptures vary from medium to large and many of their artists come from an international background. These include Victor Bonato from Germany, Sadia Bahat from Israel, and Ahmet El-Stoahy from Egypt. Cypriot artists such as Maria Kyprianou, Kyriakos Kallis and Helene Black from Limassol have also made their impact at the park.

Address: Town Hall, 23 Arch. Kyprianos, 3036 Limassol

Museum of Olive Oil

The museum of Olive Oil is situated on a hill just outside the village of Anogyra, midway between the motorways from Limassol to Paphos city. It is an informative exhibition where one can learn a great deal about the history of olive oil and even observe how it is made. A gift shop is also available at the museum, where high grade extra virgin oil and other related souvenirs can be purchased.

Address: Olive Park – 'Oleastro' 4603 Anogyra Limassol, Cyprus

Limassol Municipal Art Gallery

The Limassol municipal art gallery displays paintings done by some of the most talented and renowned artists from Cyprus such as Takis Fragoudes, Nikos Nikolaides, Loukia Nikolaidou and Spiros Dimitriades among others. These works are displayed in the old building while the new ground halls exhibit works of upcoming Cypriot artists.

Address: 28th October Street, Limassol, Cyprus