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Limassol (Lemesos) is the second largest city of Cyprus. It is the most important sea port as well as a major tourist destination.

There are only two ways you can travel to the Island of Cyprus.

By Air:

As Cyprus has become a very popular tourist destination, the island has become easier to reach, with extremely frequent flights and good connections from all over Europe. The island has two international airports and around 33 airlines offer scheduled flights. The city of Limassol is conveniently located between both airports; 77km’s away from Larnaca Aiport and 67km’s away from Paphos Airport.

By Sea:

Limassol is the main harbour of Cyprus, so there are plenty of shipping lines with regular ferries to and from the city. Popular ferry routes include: Limassol to Italy, Egypt, Greece, Israel and vice versa. The Limassol sea port handles a large volume of both cargo and cruise vessels. The new port is located in the southern part of the city and can be easily reached by taxi or bus from the city centre.

Getting around Limassol

Limassol is relatively a small city to get around. The city has four main roads which run parallel to each other and across the city from West to East. Like any other major city in the world, during rush hour, traffic can occur in the centre of Limassol. However, in general, the city has a decent road network, the motorways: A1 – Nicosia to Limassol and A6 – Paphos to Limassol, connect to other major cities in Cyprus.

EAL Bus Company, Peal Troodos, Digenis Caves and Akis Express taxis will transport you no matter your destination.

By Bus:

Limassol is one of the main transportation centers of the island. Several bus companies in the city offer services throughout the major resorts on the island. The city has three main bus stations. The first station is situated at Enoseos and Eirinis Street just north of the castle. Some main lines on this station include Nicosia - Limassol line, the Paphos - Limassol line and the Polis - Paphos - Limassol line.

The buses to Larnaca and Agia Napa run from the second bus station located on the corner of Araouzou and Hadjipavlou streets. The local Limassol buses can be found on the third station situated at Andreas Themistokleou street in the city centre.

It is recommended for tourists to take Inter-urban bus services for visiting major towns, rural buses for nearby villages and urban buses that run within tourist areas and towns. Buses operate frequently during the day on extended routes and until late evenings during the summer. International tourists can also avail the scheduled bus services at the Larnaca airport that arranges for tourist transfer to and from the airport.

By Taxis:

In Limassol, taxis are available at all important and convenient places throughout the city and are reasonably priced. A network of shared-taxi-lines are also available in Limassol that travel to and from other major cities on the Island. These shared-taxis are cheaper than normal taxis and are usually just as efficient as them. The two main shared-taxi terminals can be found at 21 Thessaloniki Street and 49 Spyrou Araouzou Street.

Flagging a taxi in Limassol is fairly easy since they are widely used in tourist neighborhoods, hotels and airports. Inter-city taxi service, which are 4-8 seated shared minibuses are hired to visit major towns. These taxis, which run every half hour from Monday to Friday: 06:00 to 18:00, Saturday and Sunday: 07:00 to 17:00, operate at a fixed rate. If you wish to travel in style, limousine service is also available on hire.

Car rental is a very common, easy and comfortable way on the island to explore the city and countryside. This service is relatively more expensive in Cyprus than in any other Mediterranean country, although it is handy for tourists who make their own plans to travel and explore the island in depth. Due to the British influence, cars drive on the left in Cyprus.

Depending on your budget and family requirements, take the time necessary to select the choicest car. Decide whether you want the comfort of an air-conditioned car or a breath of fresh air that only a convertible can give.

Apart from the economical benefits, car rental in Limassol has its own advantages. You have the freedom to explore the area at your own convenience. More information is found on Limassol Car Rental page.

By Foot:

Exploring Limassol by foot is unquestionably a great way that will acquaint the traveler with the best of Limassol’s tourist sites. The 'Municipality of Lemesos’ in collaboration with the ‘Cyprus Tourism Organization’ and the ‘Cyprus Tourist Guides Association’ organise tours on foot. The tour gives one the opportunity to gain more knowledge about the historical centre of Limassol, by walking through its narrow streets. These excursions will include viewing monuments of the past, traditional workshops, unique architectural features, the active life of the old market, traditional shops and the chance to get the feel of life, the Cypriot way.


Limassol is naturally adapted to cycling with abundance of nature trails ideal for cycling expeditions to explore the city and its interior. Cycles are available on rent at rental agencies and resorts for nominal rates.

Communication in Limassol

Limassol is well connected by all commonly used means of communications. Coin, outdoor card phone and indoor card operated phone telephone booths are found at various central locations in the city. The call direct service is extremely useful for tourists who want to contact their friends and relatives in EU countries as well as Australia, USA and Canada.

Most international mobile phone companies exist in Cyprus such as Cyta-Vodafone (PrimeTel Mobile). Handsets operating on the frequency band GSM 900/1800; UMTS 2100 are functional in Cyprus. It would be economically viable if one purchases a SIM card in Cyprus since incoming calls are free and outgoing calls are charged as per local rate.

The postal system in Cyprus is operated by Cyprus postal services. Various services are offered by the postal system including personalized stamps, sending letters and parcels, recorded delivery and mail forwarding. To avail these facilities, the post office remains open from 7:00 to 13:30.

Internet service is furnished by multiple service providers, the main ones being Cytanet, Cablenet, PrimeTel and Valicom. With ASDL technology, it is possible to achieve a speed up to 8Mbps at internet cafes and in hotel rooms.