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The skyline of Limassol (Lemesos) has left behind very little evidence of its historical past and given way instead to a modern, cosmopolitan appearance. However, the protected ancient monuments of the city hand over a rich trail of artefacts and mythical stories. Limassol Castle, The Amathus Ruins and the Mosque of Djami Kebir are a few of the beautiful sights worth visiting (don't forget the camera!).

Top Limassol Landmarks

Limassol Castle ( Wikipedia )

There is no doubt Limassol Castle occupies a dominant position in the landmark and tourist attractions in the city. This imperial castle, now home to Limassol's Medieval Museum, used to serve as a prison during the old days of Ottoman rule. Richard the Lionheart is said to have married and crowned the Lord of Cyprus in this incredibly regal fortress. The castle itself presents an extremely simple, archaeological view but the scenic gardens and an old olive press are a remarkable sight to explore.

Archaeological Museum ( Visit Site )

The Archaeological Museum in Limassol is a particularly interesting sight for art and history lovers. The museums houses artefacts related to societal development of Cyprus, which include ceramics, pottery and antiquities from the Roman period. Also, on display are finds from the Neolithic until the Late Bronze Age. Sculptures, pottery, lamps and inscriptions with ancient Hellenistic and Roman koine catch the eye of many visitors.

Folk Art Museum ( Visit Site )

The Municipal Museum of Folk Art is housed in a historic building donated by the Schiza family. Its main purpose is to promote Cypriot folk art and craft through collections from the 1800 and 1900 centuries. On display are fascinating objects relating to woodcarving, jewellery decoration, tools and utensils, traditional Cypriot costumes, embroidery and weaving and bronze artefacts. One of the halls in the museum is especially dedicated to a porcelain collection by Anna Kourea.

Municipal Gardens & Twin Cities Park ( Visit Site )

The Municipal Gardens along the coastal road have a rich bounty of green and shady space where visitors relax or take a stroll down the pathways. The nearby area plays host to several family attractions like the Lemesos Zoo Garden and Dinosaur Park. This also includes a large open-air garden theatre where several events take place throughout the year. The Twin Cities Park, on the coast embankment close to the Municipal Gardens, presents a series of public sculptures by Greek, Cypriot and international artists.

Amathus Ruins ( Wikipedia )

The ancient city of Amathus on the southern coast of Agios Tychonas is one of the oldest imperial cities on the island. There have been many myths behind the origin of this city, one of them believing in Cinyras as the city's founder, whose son Adonis named the city after his mother Amathous. Hellenic myth would have Amathus built by one of the sons of Heracles who was worshipped there. The city had a very special place for Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love. Visitors at the ruins can perceive an era that existed 3000 years ago through the mythical excavations and artefacts.

Kolossi Medieval Castle ( Wikipedia )

The Kolossi Medieval Castle is situated in the village of Kolossi, 11 kilometres west of Larnaca. A renowned archaeological site, the castle was built in the 15th century by the Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem on a land gifted by King Hugh I. Earlier, it used to be home to a 13th century fortress whose ruins are still visible in the castle. Later the castle was occupied by the Richard I of England and the Knights Templar.

Kourion Archaeological Site ( Visit Site )

The Kourion Archeological Site is a stunning archaeological excavation, famous for its impressive Greco-Roman theatre, stately villas, spectacular floor mosaics, an early Christian Basilica and other kingly treasures. Built in 2nd century B.C. Kourion at its various ruins reflects public life in Early Christian period.

Agios Nikolaos ton Gaton Convent ( Visit Site )

Situated on Cape Gata southeast of Akrotiri Salt, Agios Nikolaos ton Gaton Convent is said to be the first monastery in Cyprus. The church structure of today was built in 14th century only to be abandoned in the 16th century. It was finally claimed by the Orthodox nuns in the 1980s. Legend says that the monastery was founded by Agia Eleni, mother of Constantine the Great who left back a piece of wood from the Holy Cross.

Top 5 Bars

La Promenade Lounge & Terrace

Part of the Le Meridien entourage in Limassol, the La Promenade Lounge & Terrace offers the perfect panoramic view of the Yacht Marina from its location at the reception level at the hotel. Relax, enjoy the view and sip a cocktail at one of the best bars in Limassol.

Cote D`Azur ( Visit Page )

Whether your choice is good collection of spirits or vibrant tropical juices, Cote D`Azur bar accommodates your every fussy like and dislike. With musicians regaling in the background, the soothing tones should relax and let you enjoy your drinks. The bar also operates as a café offering coffee, smoothies and ice cream.

Chesters Bar & Restaurant ( Visit Page )

Chesters Bar & Restaurant in Limassol is one of those places where the whole family can enthral themselves in tempting cocktails, fancy dishes, non-alcoholic drinks, separate kids menu and fabulous spread of music. Entertainment at the bar & restaurant is assured by all the latest amenities like plasma TV, DJs playing music and live events throughout the year.

The Brewery Bar & Restaurant ( Visit Page )

The Brewery Bar is a cozy, modern bar in the tourist hub of Limassol where night revellers gather after eve. Overall, the décor is ultra modern with comfy seating space in addition to the regular arrangement of bar tables and stools. Brewery breathes a completely new life into drinking, by offering a fun and interactive experience while brewing the beer. If beer is not your type, there are also varieties of cocktails on offer.

The Nags Head Pub ( Visit Site ) ( Visit Page )

The Nags Head Pub is a fashionable bar and grill station serving traditional pub food like chicken wings, fingers, nachos, burgers and other entrees. Most of the time the pub plays karaoke music but on special days it hosts live musicians.

Top Activities

Water Sports ( Visit Site )

For tourists who love the surge of water, Limassol is blessed with miles of sun kissed coastline. Apart from soaking in the sunshine and swimming in the waters of Blue flag beaches, Limassol has lined out many exciting water sport activities including diving, snorkelling, surfing, water-skiing, catamaran trips and yachting in the blue Mediterranean waters. Fasouri Watermania is equally enticing for family tourists who love its water rides and different dining and relaxation options.

Shopping ( Visit Site )

Limassol offers it guests everything from traditional, hand made handicrafts to branded, readymade produce. The shopping malls are filled to the brim with latest jewellery, leather goods and superstore essentials while the markets reflect the daily life of Limassol, where tourists can virtually find anything right from souvenirs and maps to groceries.


In Limassol, shore excursions offer a unique experience of exploring the city's various monuments and landmarks amidst the elaborate luxury of a cruise. Shore excursions take tourists to places and attractions in and nearby Limassol, including Kolossi Castle, Troodos Mountains, Omodos Village, Larnaka and Lefkara, Paphos and Nicosia.

In recent times, Limassol's harbour has developed into an important destination for cruise ships heading towards Greece, the Greek islands and other Mid-East countries. Tourists find it a great idea to book a cruise from Limassol to visit neighbouring countries of Greece and Turkey.

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Outdoor Sports

Many sports such as golf, go karting, skiing, cycling, horse riding, walking trails, bowling and clay shooting are nurtured by this Cypriot city, making it an ideal place to visit during the holidays. Being an international tourist destination, Limassol has ensured tourists have access to all modern facilities monitored by well-trained professionals.


The nightlife of Limassol is vibrant and active until the wee hours of the morning. Those who like to party or chill out with friends should visit the Limassol Tourist area where there is a maximum concentration of pubs, bars and cafes. They play various types of music from trance, house to classics and modern hits.

Sightseeing Tours

Tourists prefer to book sightseeing tours with reputed companies to enjoy hassle free vacations. The tourist guide plans visits to archaeological sites, tourist villages, shopping markets, boat, cruise and nature trips along the way explaining the importance and history behind each sightseeing point. Such tours are excellent for visitors who are in Limassol only for a few days but want to memorize every little nuance of the city.

Dining Out

Limassol inspires the taste buds of tourists from every corner of the world. Whether it is Italian, Russian or Indian cuisine, the city has a diverse mix of different types of restaurants. In fact, many of them offer meals at fairly affordable prices. The city also houses international fast food chains, the usual including McDonald's, KFC, and Pizza Hut.

Top Limassol FAQs

Q.1) What is the capital city of Cyprus?

Ans: The capital and the largest city of Cyprus is Nicosia, known locally as Lefkosia. The northern part of the city is ruled by the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, a self-proclaimed region whose independence is recognized only by Turkey.

Q.2) What is the official language spoken in Limassol?

Ans: Greek is the most commonly spoken language in Limassol. But in tourist areas, English and Russian is prevalent due to a major influx of Russian holidaymakers.

Q.3) What is the weather in Limassol like?

Ans:Limassol enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters. Summer is the most popular season for tourists who visit Limassol to enjoy beach and water activities. During the months between May and September, temperatures are over 40°C making it impossible to take pleasure in activities like sightseeing. If you cannot stand the heat, arrive a little late in September or late May / early June.

Spring and autumn season in October, March and April when temperatures range around 20 – 25°C are the best to explore the city without getting a sunstroke.

Q.4) How safe is Limassol for tourists?

Ans: Cyprus has been rated as one of the safest places in the world to travel. Limassol assures travelers of their health and well-being. They have nothing to worry about and can safely go around enjoying their vacation.

Q.5) What is the cheapest way to get around in Limassol?

Ans: The cheapest way to get around in Limassol is on a bus. Most locals would recommend taking a bus to visit the crowded tourist areas with a minimum wait. These buses run between all of the major resorts and all along the coast. So getting a bus to the tourist attractions and back to the hotel should not be a problem.

Q.6) What type of clothing should I carry to Limassol?

Ans: Bring along light cotton clothing, swimwear and flip-flops / sandals if traveling during the summer months between May and September. During the autumn or spring season, bundle in a mix of clothes to include a jacket or sweater for the evenings.

Q.7) Which countries border Cyprus?

Ans: Cyprus is an island country in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea surrounded by Greece to the northwest, Israel to the southeast, Syria & Lebanon to the east and Egypt to the south. The country is divided into two parts over highly controversial issues. Southern Cyprus is ruled by the Republic of Cyprus while Northern Cyprus is occupied by Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, though it recognized only by Turkey.

Q.8) What are the Important Phrases in Greek while conversing with locals?

Ans: Though the tourist areas in Limassol are fluent in English, it always helps to know a little bit of Greek. Here is a glossary of emergency terms and phrases:



Yes Nei
No Ohki
Hello Gh'ya
Good Morning Kaleemeerah
Good Afternoon Kaleespeerah
Good Night Kaleenihkta
Good Bye Kherete
How are you? Tee kahnis?
I'm fine Poli kala
Thank You Efkharisto
Please Parakalo
Sorry Signomi
Do you speak English? Milate anglika?
What time is it? Ti ora ine?
How much is it? Posso kane?
I don't understand Den Katalaveno
Can you help me? Borite na me?

Q.9) Can you provide a list of Emergency Numbers in Limassol?

Ans: Here are the emergency numbers to call in Limassol

  • All emergency services: 199 or 112
  • Fire: 199
  • Forest Fire: 177
  • Ambulance: 112
  • Police: 155, (+357) 25 805050
  • Limassol General Hospital: + 357 25 801 100
  • First Aid: +357 25 305770
  • 24-hour Pharmacy: 90901415

Q.10) What are the Visa Requirements for Limassol?

Ans: Please visit our Visa Requirements page for more details.

Q.11) What is the Time Zone of Limassol?

Ans: The Standard Time Zone for Limassol is UTC/GMT +2 hours, while daylight saving time during summers is +1 hour. The time zone abbreviation is EEST - Eastern European Summer Time.

Q.12) How do I make a call to Limassol?

Ans: The country code of Cyprus is +357 and the area code of Limassol is 25. So if you are dialing to Limassol from another country, you have to enter the international direct dial code or exit code to dial somewhere outside of your country followed by +357 which is the international code used to dial to Cyprus and lastly xxxxx which is the local number. Example, if you are dialing from United States, New York, dial 011 357 25 xxxxx.

Q.13) Is it legal to go to the Turkish occupied side of Cyprus?

Ans: Yes, it is legal to go to “the occupied side” as the Greek Cypriots call it. But you have to pass borders at various locations including UN buffer zone (green link) where the security personnel will ask for your passport and other travel documents.

Q.14) What is the electric current voltage in Cyprus?

Ans: The electric current voltage in Cyprus is 240V, 50 Hz. Sockets are typically 13 amp, square pin in most places. Adaptors are provided by hotels but can also be bought from electricians, supermarkets, grocery shops, etc.

Q.15) Where are the best beaches in Limassol?

Ans: Limassol’s beachfront is dotted by resorts and public beaches. These beaches are fun for the whole family but if you want to enjoy a serene experience head away from Limassol to Ladies Beach, Curium Beach or Pissouri Beach.

Getting Around in Limassol

Getting around in Limassol is relatively easy since it is a small city with four main roads running parallel to each other from west to east. Going around the city in a rented car is possible but tourists are advised to make use of Limassol’s array of public transportation options. EAL Bus Company, Peal Troodos, Digenis Caves and Akis Express taxis will transport you no matter your destination.

Bus System

Limassol is centrally located with other cities and town situated short distances away. It is recommended for tourists to take Inter-urban bus services for visiting major towns, rural buses for nearby villages and urban buses that run within tourist areas and towns. Buses operate frequently during the day on extended routes and until late evenings during the summer. International tourists can also avail the scheduled bus services at the Larnaca airport that arranges for tourist transfer to and from the airport.


Flagging a taxi in Limassol is fairly easy since they are widely used in tourist neighborhoods, hotels and airports. Inter-city taxi service, which are 4-8 seated shared minibuses are hired to visit major towns. These taxis, which run every half hour from Monday to Friday: 06:00 to 18:00, Saturday and Sunday: 07:00 to 17:00, operate at a fixed rate. If you wish to travel in style, limousine service is also available on hire.

Car Rental

In the past, driving a car around Limassol was a frustrating experience, particularly in the tourist areas and old town. However, with the introduction of the highway bridges, traffic jams have been kept to the minimum, a definite respite for tourists.

Driving in Limassol is akin to UK that follows left hand side of the road. Depending on your budget and family requirements, take the time necessary to select the choicest car. Decide whether you want the comfort of an air-conditioned car or a breath of fresh air that only a convertible can give.

Apart from the economical benefits, car rental in Limassol has its own advantages. You have the freedom to explore the area at your own convenience. More information is found on Limassol Car Rental page.


Limassol is naturally adapted to cycling with abundance of nature trails ideal for cycling expeditions to explore the city and its interior. Cycles are available on rent at rental agencies and resorts for nominal rates.

Communication in Limassol

Limassol is well connected by all commonly used means of communications. Coin, outdoor card phone and indoor card operated phone telephone booths are found at various central locations in the city. The call direct service is extremely useful for tourists who want to contact their friends and relatives in EU countries as well as Australia, USA and Canada.

Most international mobile phone companies exist in Cyprus such as Cyta-Vodafone (PrimeTel Mobile). Handsets operating on the frequency band GSM 900/1800; UMTS 2100 are functional in Cyprus. It would be economically viable if one purchases a SIM card in Cyprus since incoming calls are free and outgoing calls are charged as per local rate.

The postal system in Cyprus is operated by Cyprus postal services. Various services are offered by the postal system including personalized stamps, sending letters and parcels, recorded delivery and mail forwarding. To avail these facilities, the post office remains open from 7:00 to 13:30.

Internet service is furnished by multiple service providers, the main ones being Cytanet, Cablenet, PrimeTel and Valicom. With ASDL technology, it is possible to achieve a speed up to 8Mbps at internet cafes and in hotel rooms.