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The city of Limassol (Lemesos) plays a vital role in the economy of the Republic of Cyprus. After the illegal occupation of Famagusta and Kyrenia by the Turkish invaders in 1974, Limassol became the major port of Cyprus which in turn led to the growth of the tourism trade developing the city further.

Limassol is the home for many of the island’s wine companies. Famous companies like KEO, LOEL, SODAP and ETKO produce wines and cognacs (brandies), with an excellent level of quality grapes grown in the countryside. Also, a large quantity of the total production is exported all over Europe.

Limassol is the trading hub of Cyprus, that has several industrial units and industry wares. These industries include dress-making, furniture, shoes, drinks, food, prints, metal, electric devices, plastic goods, as well as many other traditional industries.

Inhabitants of rural areas are typically associated with agriculture, stock breeding, tourism and handicraft industries but with the majority involved in the fishing trade.

Now-a-days, a large percentage of the total population is linked within the tourism industry which the economy heavily depends on, as it is primarily the island’s main source of income.

The city of Limassol has many beautiful sandy beaches perfect for sunbathing and swimming. Additionally, it offers a wide selection of accommodation built within walking distance to local amenities such as restaurants, confectioneries, clubs, bars, places of entertainment and festivals which attract many tourists.